Residential Solar

Solar panels are increasing in popularity on Nantucket.  Before they can be installed, their design must be approved by the Historic District Commission.  Sustainable Preservation (below) is an addendum to Building with Nantucket in Mind and provides general guidelines for photo-voltaic siting.  

Residential Solar Tax Credits

Thirty percent of the cost of installing a photovoltaic system and/or solar hot water heaters is offered by the Federal Government as a Federal Tax Credit.  This offer has no upper limit and expires in 2016.  

In Massachusetts, there are incentives offered on the State level.   Revenue may also be earned by selling Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs.)

What your neighbors are doing

Cheryl Emery and her husband Chris have installed solar panels on their home in Madaket.  
Click here to watch a video of their experience, as filmed for Nantucket Community Television.   

Flint Ranney's Solar Panels


Flint Ranney talks about his experience with solar generation in this youtube video.  

Municipal Solar

Although there is currently no municipally owned solar generation on Nantucket, the Town is authorized to lease its land at four locations for the development of solar power.  The approved sites are at the airport, the waste-water treatment facility, and on two Wannacomet Water Company properties.     Articles 95, 96, & 97 at Annual Town Meeting 2011  were the impetus for this land use and allow the town to buy back the  power from solar developer for a period of up to 25 years.

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